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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm So Excited!* And I Just Can't Stand It!

*Excited. Not manic. Not hypomanic. Even though...

an'I'mgonnahavelunchwithJC, myprison-writing-workshop

I've got a legitimate excuse to go to Office Max and spend money on paperan'pensan'inkan'stationeryan'...I love love LOVE Office Max/Depot/Staples and their ilk. Every time I go in an office supply store it feels like gathering new school supplies in September. Ah...pristine denim-covered 3-ring binders, unopened packs of loose-leaf papers, unsharpened pencils with unsmudged erasers, reinforcement rings for the loose-leaf paper, a new pencil case...ah, geekdom, you hit me early.

I keep trying to convince JT to just give me office supply gift cards for significant gift-giving occasions. No luck so far. Which means I have to spend my own money. Bummer.


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