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Thursday, March 16, 2006

They Like Me! They Really, Really Like Me!

So I get this call yesterday. "Hannah, this is [published author and faculty member so-and-so] from Antioch University in LA, and I'm calling to say that we love your work and would love to have you join our program." Holy crap! I've been accepted to graduate school! I immediately called JT at work, said, "Listen to this," and played him the message. And then I cried.

Y'all may remember that I put off working on my application, then put on a big burst of speed and got it all done at the last minute? Totally worth it. Not the procrastination part, but the getting it done part. Because I, Hannah B. of the poor undergraduate showing and myriad self-doubts, has been accepted to graduate school.

And for those of you keeping track, I did not procrastinate on my second application, which is actually to my first-choice school. Their deadline is not until June 12, but I submitted it this morning. That's right: I got accepted to one school yesterday and applied to a different school today. It feels surreal, and more than a little ungrateful. I have this nagging urge to call Antioch and say, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" Before they come to their senses and realize they made a mistake in accepting me, know what I mean?

But I'm too smart for 'em. I saved the message, so I've got proof. (No, I'm not kidding. Of course I saved the message!) Now they can't take it back. Mwwwaaaa-haaaaaaaaa!


Blogger Britty said...

Congrats! That's wonderful. Being accepted to an MFA program is such an accomplishment. When I started applying I went only for MFAs and learned the hard way that just being a good student and a good writer isn't enough. You have to be an amazing writer. I don't even know you and I'm proud of you :)

(I gave up on the creative writing aspect of my life when I was accepted to a lit program and now will be getting my PhD in Rhet/Comp so it's writing, just a different type of writing).


Fri Mar 17, 01:23:00 PM EST  
Blogger Hannah B. said...

Thank you! That's so nice of you to say. I'm going to fight my normal urge to pooh-pooh the compliment and just say thanks.

I hope that once you finish your PhD (muy impressive, btw) you'll be able to find some time for the creative side again. They don't have to be mutually exclusive, do they?

Fri Mar 17, 02:00:00 PM EST  
Blogger Christine said...

Well done...I'm in awe :)

One of these days I'll get around to taking advantage of the benefits my job provides. I could get a degree in any of the undergraduate programs offered at the university I'm employed by. I just don't know how I'd fit it into my life right now!


Fri Mar 17, 03:51:00 PM EST  
Blogger Hannah B. said...

Thanks, Christine!

Can you take classes for free at your university? I made a pretty poor showing when I was in college, for many reasons, but took classes here in town when I worked for a local university. And I kicked butt as a student. But I was studying something I loved, and willing to do the work. I found it was a lot tougher (from a time management standpoint) to work full-time and be a part-time student than it was to be a full-time student and to work part-time. It was worth it, though. You can do it!

Sat Mar 18, 07:56:00 AM EST  

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