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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On the Road

Perhaps I am not, at heart, a blogger. I like the idea of blogging, of chronicling the events in my life, even if for my own amusement or future consumption. But when things get busy, I don't find the time to blog. Probably I would never have been a journalist or famous diarist, either. I am what one of my workshop writers called an "emotional writer." She was speaking of herself when she said that she tended to write when she was upset or in love, but she could have been talking about me. But while that tends to be therapeutic, and I'm all for therapeutic, those aren't often the times I want to go back and read about. And yet, when life is full of change and excitement, I can't seem to find the time to record my thoughts and impressions. Perhaps it is just not a priority to me; I'm in love with the fantasy of blogging, but don't want to commit.

Still, something keeps nagging at me, urging me to the keyboard.

We're in Michigan on Whirlpool's dime, in a Holiday Inn Express suite overlooking Lake Michigan. I knew we would have a room with a view, but the gift basket was a surprise. I've never been wooed by a corporation before so I'm easily impressed by offerings of Michigan cherries and blueberries and local fudge. It was dark and cloudy when we arrived, so we pretended that we could see the waves from our balcony. We immediately hooked up the computer so that we could re-check the home listings a local realtor e-mailed us last night. Tomorrow morning we'll meet a "tour-guide-cum-propagandist" for a 3-hour tour of the town, then it's off to tour the Benton Harbor facility where JT will work (if we accept the job offer, that is). After lunch, we're going to look at house. Just to see what the market is like, and whether there are neighborhoods we like and houses we can afford.

Those from JT's department who have already made the trek to Michigan and lived to tell about it have been impressed with location. One co-worker came up here with the clear intention of turning down the job; he is now a fan of the area, with every intention of accepting the offer. I hope we'll get a chance to watch the sunset over the water tomorrow night, and perhaps to walk along the beach somewhere. Oh, and that we'll see enough to be able to make an informed decision come next Monday.


Anonymous caitlin. said...

*cough*dont move*cough.

Thu May 18, 07:39:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Christine said...

I totally get the value of therapeutic writing.

I don't always post what I write, but it helps me to make sense of what's going on in my own little world.

Thinkin' about you & the big decision...hoping all works out well for you & JT.

Sat May 20, 07:12:00 PM EDT  

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