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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On the Road, Again

This morning I once more find myself heading east on I-80. (That makes it sound as if getting here was effortless, which, I assure it, it was not.) Destination? Philadelphia and the wedding of JT’s little brother, 43 and, up until now, never married. Life has been a whirlwind (or perhaps a whirlpool?) of activity since returning home from Michigan 4 days ago, but we managed to do everything that needed to be done, and now we’re off, finery in tow, to celebrate a joyous family event. Although I am surrounded by books to read and writing to critique (3000 pages by June 15 if I do the recommended reading as well as the required; 1869 if I only do the required), the trip will be a much-needed break: no houses to buy, no workshops to prepare for, nowhere that we have to be until Friday night’s rehearsal dinner. You know what they say about a change being as good as a break.

And the reading I need to do for school? I’m actually looking forward to it, and not just because I want to cross it off my list, (though I must admit that I have a great fondness for crossing things off a to-do list). What a concept: studying something I enjoy. What a nice change from my undergraduate studies. I might turn out to be a good student, after all.


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