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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Too Busy to Call Your Dad? You're Too Busy to Blog

Last month I read 3 books. Sound like a lot? Not compared to the 21 I read in February. Or the 27 I read in January. Yeah, I read a lot. Or, I used to. This month I'm hoping to finish Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir, by the awe-inspiring Janice over at Girlbomb, but so far I haven't had time to read more than 5 pages.

I haven't learned my lines yet. That is so not like me. I'm so competitive that I just have have have to be the first one off book. Oh, and? It's a point of pride for me to know my lines verbatim. Ha! Who has time to learn lines? I'm lucky to make it to rehearsal. And now they want us to spend time--our own time, mind you, not rehearsal time--doing physical and vocal warm-ups? Every freakin' day? Who has time for that crah--uh, helpful stuff?

And I just--just, like, while I was typing the last paragraph--got an e-mail from an editor at Meredith. He's got the bluelines ready. So I can come in anytime I like, this afternoon or tomorrow, to proofread. Anytime I like. Anytime I like? Yesterday I went in to do some proofing for this same editor (they got a million of 'em). Thought I'd be there an hour, hour and a half, tops. He had a couple "extra" things for me to do. No biggie. But while I was proofing, another editor walked by and said, "Oh, are you proofing today? Would you have time to do a job for me? It might take a couple hours..."

What did I do? I said yes. Even though I had a ton to do. I was there four hours. I missed lunch. Traffic was terrible on the way home. I got home hungry, cranky and stressed. But, good sister that I am, I called my little brother to wish him a happy birthday. While I was fixing lunch. Fortunately for both of us, a customer dropped by his shop about the time my grilled cheese sandwich (hot, melted Velveeta cheese--mmm!) was ready. So I called him back later. While I emptied the dishwasher. I did not call my dad yesterday. I have, however, tried him twice today. No answer.

And I just got (yes, wait for it) another e-mail from the Meredith editor, this time wanting to know about weekend availability. Am I free this weekend? Well, let's see...I'm going to the prison Saturday morning. And then to rehearsal Saturday afternoon. And then I really should spend time with JT. Sunday I have another rehearsal. know I'm going to say yes, don't you? I can't afford to turn down paying work, not with JT's ambiguous job situation. I still believe we'll be fine, but we don't know that yet. In addition to everything else, we're going to have The Money Talk tomorrow night. Ick. Necessary, but still? Ick.

I guess I need to go call this guy. And then get back to my regularly-scheduled activities. Oh, and? Bubba just sat on my arm, and I'm not entirely positive that he left everything that belongs in the litterbox in the litterbox, if you know what I mean. So I might also need to change.


Anonymous Kristine said...

Sending virtual tulilps to help the Bad Day. Didn't realize you were an editor. I'm a journalist. Send some of that work my way -- my full time job isn't QUITE stressful enough for me.

My day sucked so bad yesterday I didn't even bother going to bed until 5 a.m.

On the way home from work ... (Yeah, it's easier to stay at work until 5 a.m. than to go home and Deal With Life, where I can't Surf In Comfort with free diet Coke in the fridge or BBQ potato chips on a colleague's desk (I had to take the empty bag out to the Dumpster for fear she'd realize I ate the Whole Thing) ... I decided to do good things for myself in what amount of the day I was conscious for that I would do Nice Things for myself.

So I bought tulips on the way back into work (at around 11 a.m.).

They're helping. A little.

Thu Apr 06, 05:53:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Hannah B. said...

Tulips? I *love* tulips! Even virtual tulips. JT sent me virtual tulips when we were just getting to know each other, and real ones for our first date. Good times.

Sorry about the sucky day. Perhaps I should send *you* some tulips. And some sominex. Man, when my day's been sucky, I have no trouble getting to bed--that's also my refuge from Real Life, too.
Though I must say that a bag of BBQ potato chips helps, too.

Fri Apr 07, 12:33:00 PM EDT  

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