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Friday, March 31, 2006

Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!
All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)..."

Dancing back to BabbleFish from the party over at GirlBomb's place (party, Karamu, fiesta, forever...) I may not enjoy that good old TGIF esprit de corps anymore, but I can sure take advantage of others'joie de vivre (come on and sing along...)

Good thing, too, as there's not much to joie my vivre around here today: it's cold and gray and windy and JT no longer works for Maytag.

They finalized the deal, signed the papers, and "Maytag ceased to exist as a stand-alone company" an hour or so ago. I'm surprised to feel a little sad about that. Does this mean no more Ol' Lonely? Also known as the Maytag Repairman, the character survived the deaths of Jesse White and Gordon Jump, saw the coming (and going) of the Maytag Apprentice, but will it survive the buy-out?

All this talk about the merger is bringing me down. I might have to cha-cha back over to GirlBomb for more margaritas.


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