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Friday, February 03, 2006

Testing, Testing...

From the department of WTF was I thinking:

Today I had my annual tests, back to back. You know, those tests. Yeah, nothing says I love myself like scooting down and putting my feet up in stirrups. Unless, you know, it's having my breasts crunched between cold metal plates while holding my breath and trying. Not. To. Squirm. Or flinch. Or anything at all that might require a do-over. Thank heavens for efficient and speedy technicians.

On the plus side, signed up today for a 5-week adult education course:

Looking for a life coach approach to kick-start a new life for
yourself? Learn tools, methods and behaviors for moving in
an upward and positive direction. Personality tests will help
identify characteristics, talents and hidden strengths that
may open doors and opportunities in your life. Learn ways
to effectively deal with current life issues and turn them
into opportunities for positive growth. This class is meant
to be fun, lively and results-oriented, enhanced by a life
coach with personal experience in achieving change and growth.

A kick start, just what I need. Or maybe just a kick. The sooner the better: I got some grad school applications that need fillin'.


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